(pronounced: first place)


R E C O R D I N G   A R T I S T   |    P O E T    |    W R I T E R

Who Am I?

I am 1sPlace Poe't a.k.a The Inebriated Writer. Pour me some cognac and pass me a lighter. Before it's over they'll be calling me Sire praying I'll let them buy me out of my empire, but I'm not for sale. All Hail King 1sPlace!

I'm a musician's magician making miraculous visions with physician's precision. I'm different. No really, I'm different. It's apparent with each poetic lyric I mention. I'm versatile and cinematic.

I keep your attention since my music is motion pictured cleverly painted with melodies and harmonies, colored within red, black, and green like New Testament scriptures. 3 Stacks inspired me, K Lamar ignited me, Prince showed me a musical King, but I only write for me. No literary ghost in sight by me. 


Many stacks they wire me. I'm my own boss, don't need anybody to hire me. I made the decision to be more independent after an employee manager fired me and now I'm in the position to early retire, but I still got more desires. I encourage you to do the same.


No lie. But I'm not thru with my mission, I send a message to those that listen. I'm tired of seeing all the black kid killing from each other and dirty copper metal pulling quick with the trigger, like they imitating Quicksilver just to kill them a nigger.


So I fire back Gold and Platinum ammunition in the form of ricochet sound waves that penetrate the brainwaves with electric shockwaves sent through the airways. I aim and won't miss it. 

I shoot for the sub and fully conscious listeners. The unconscious won't hear me because I say my words too clearly.

Before my time, but not really because like The Most High, I'm right on time sharing my mind. This Central Florida heat is felt in every flow that I speak, I'm burning up seats to vibin beats to keep 'em dancing. Get onto your feet! I am 1sPlace!